Baking with Libby Series

Meet Mary Elizabeth Call, better known as Libby to her friends and family and Mamaw Call to me.  She was a short, sweet lady and so loving.  She loved going to church, singing in the choir and making deserts.  As a child, my cousins and I would get a week at Mamaw & Papaw’s house, where we were spoiled after we got our chores done.

Libby was a Registered Nurse and after an early retirement just a housewife and grandmother.  Her house was always immaculate and the food was always delicious. I don’t know what it was about her deserts, but they always seemed extra sweet at her house.

After she passed away, I borrowed her recipe box from my mom.  My mom is not much of a baker, but I wanted to try Mamaw’s recipes.


Baking with Libby Series

I had the idea a few years ago to bake one of Libby’s cakes each year… I think it was after the movie Julie/Julia came out.  I never got around to doing it.  This year, it’s on my radar big time.  I am not sure how many recipes are in her box, I haven’t counted yet.  They need to be sorted because they’re all in there silly nilly… casseroles, cakes, stews, etc just crammed in the box.

First on my radar, only because it was the first one I pulled out, is Libby’s Oatmeal Cake and Topping.  This is one of the few that are handwritten.


I hope you will follow along on my adventure of baking with my grandmother.  I’ll post the full recipe and photos when I make each cake, pie or cookie.  🥧 🍰 🍪

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