Have A Daily Plan

No matter what job you look at, there are things that have to be done daily, weekly, monthly, annually and sporadically.  Most people have a daily plan for their work, whether it is written down or not.  I am beseeching you, as a homemaker,  to write down your plan for the day EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Have A Daily Plan

Why do you need a daily plan and why do you have to write it down every single day?  Well… here’s why… #1.  As homemakers, we don’t have a boss telling us what to do every day.  We are the boss and it is us who determines what gets done every day.   #2.  There are a million things to do, not enough hours to do it all and something always throws a wrench into our plans. By having a daily plan, you have a guide to set you back on course when things go a little haywire.

If you have a cluttered home you are wrangling back into submission, this will help keep you on task and not get bogged down in doing a decluttering session while letting your other work slide to the point of ill repute as well.   As a new homemaker, this will be a little easier since you haven’t accumulated the mountain of clutter just yet and hopefully will save you the trouble.

Your Daily Plan

My daily plan always looks different from one day to the next.  Yes, there is always some cleaning on the list, meals to be cooked and wash to do, but some days have errands, doctors appointments, luncheons with friends, children’s school activities to attend and a plethora of other things that get thrown in each month.

Your daily plan will look nothing like my daily plan.  Your daily plan will be a list of tasks you need to accomplish along with a few things you want to accomplish to help you get ahead.  The needs are things you must do.  The wants are things you’d like to do if you have the time after finishing the needs.  I keep a very detailed list of home chores that must be done every day (zone cleaning – we’ll get into that more later on). Most of my actual housework and cleaning takes less than 2 hours each day with the occasional load of laundry thrown in.  This does NOT include meal prep and cooking.  It keeps my house manageable and neatly in order so if unexpected guests stop by, I’m not completely and totally embarrassed by my home.

Set the Plan & Stick to it!

Set the plan and stick to it, is easier said than done some days, but the just of it is to hold yourself accountable for your work.  Some days you won’t accomplish everything on your list. And some days, you’ll be able to complete today’s plans and some of tomorrow’s plans.  The goal is to stick to the plan as much as possible to lessen the load for tomorrow.  Life happens and sometimes your plans just get thrown out the window and there’s nothing you can do about it.  Other times, and I am guilty of this, we spend our days goofing off instead of working and not making the best use of our time.  One of the things I have learned is that if I get my work done every morning, have my meal prep ready for dinner, my afternoons are pretty much free to do whatever I want.  Sometimes I add more decluttering or detailed cleaning.  Sometimes, I add in a small repair project I can do and other times, I watch tv, read a book, go to the thrift store or whatever… all without guilt because I know I did my work for today.

If done correctly and efficiently, being a homemaker will allow you the free time you want and need to pursue some of your favorite hobbies.  That’s my goal at least… get my work done and do what I want!

So, find a notebook that you can use exclusively for your daily plan and start making your plan for today.  Then tonight before you go to bed, turn the page and start making your plan for tomorrow.