Reverence and Respect of a Homemaker’s Profession

Recently, I’ve been reading some very old books from the 1800’s regarding the subject of homemaking and the duties of the housewife.  Our current society has placed an undue irreverence on the skills and employment of being a homemaker.  It is regarded as a lesser job of women chiefly because there is no monetary compensation for performing these daily tasks of maintaining a home, cooking meals, raising and educating children.  It is often a thankless employment with regards to society.  Nearly any other profession outside the home is considered more desireable than that of a homemaker.   In recent years, there has been a trend for mothers to return to the home, not without it’s fair share of hardships considering most families require two incomes to maintain the status quo of society’s acceptable norms.

In a sense, I regard these women as the new-age pioneers of the return to family structure and stability.  It has long been my belief that many problems of society are deeply rooted in the education, or lack thereof, of our ourselves and now our children.  The first teacher of any child is their mother.  It is the mother who feeds them, bathes them, reads to them, plays with them.  These are all learning opportunities.  It is the beliefs of the mother that are imparted first to the child before they are sent out to the world for secondary education, high school, college and eventually their own employment.  I believe, and this is just my opinion, that every mother has a duty to teach and raise her children in a manner which is beneficial to herself, her child and then to society.  In teaching your children in this way, you are developing an asset to your family, society and future generations.  It is our job as mothers and homemakers to raise the next generation of self-sustainable, loving and nurturing human beings.  And while I will not argue that you can be a good mother and work outside the home, children are being educated in someone else’s beliefs at daycare while the mother is working.  It is a choice that all mothers in today’s society must make.  For many years, I worked outside the home.  I considered myself a good mother and I did my best to raise my children with the best virtues I could possibly instill in them in the small amount of time I had with them each day.  This is not to demean mothers who work outside the home or to say that their mothering is in any way inferior… it is just different.   I understand it cannot be avoided, in some circumstances, the mother must work.  I was in this position at one point in my life as a single mother of two children.

My point is this… as a mother, whether we work in the home or at some outside employment, our first priority must always be the health and well-being of our family and the job of a homemaker is no less important that any other job performed in the world.  There is an added stress to women who work outside the home, because most do become the homemaker, thus their second and sometimes, third job, as soon as they walk in the door from work.  There is some give and take in the benefits of either full-time homemaking or outside employment.  This is a highly contested subject with both sides having very valid points in their justification. And to that I will only add, that as a wife and mother, you must do what is right for your family.  All women must learn to treat themselves with reverence and respect for their profession and make no unworthy concessions of inferiority for their choice of employment.