Set The Rules for Your Home

You are the boss.  This is your house and your work, so you get to set the rules for how things are managed and done around your home.  Not many other professions allow one to have complete control over every single aspect of their daily work, but as homemakers we have the luxury of devising our days as we see fit.

Setting The Rules for Your Home

It is your job as the homemaker to the make sure your house is ran as efficiently as possible.  Getting your husband up for work, the kids ready for school, fixing breakfast, packing lunches, drop offs, pick ups, errands, cleaning, mending, shopping… the list goes on and on and on.  It can be overwhelming, if you let it.  But listen to me ladies, I’m here to tell you, YOU have the right and the duty to set the rules for which your household will abide.  You know that old saying, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” ??  Well, it’s true.  If you want a happy husband, be a happy wife.  If you want happy children, be a happy mother.  So where do homemakers, housewives, mothers find all this dang happiness?  By creating the life we want to lead and by creating the home and life we want our family to enjoy.  Everything in life has rules.  Your husband’s job has rules, your kid’s school has rules… heck even the dang roads you drive on have rules.  These rules are meant to protect and ensure that a job is done correctly and safely.  The same applies to your house.

You Need Rules for Your Home

If everybody just did whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, havoc quickly takes over a home.  Nobody wants to live in a chaotic environment so set some ground rules for making your life a little happier and more enjoyable.

  1. Decide on a set bedtime for everyone and stick to it.  (you may struggle a little with your spouse but maybe you could use your feminine wiles to entice him to bed a little earlier, ensuring he gets to sleep on time)
  2. Determine the waking time for each person in your household.  Parents should generally be up and dressed before the kids are up.
  3. Cook and eat your meals at the same time every day.
  4. Insist on eating at the table – it reinforces a structured meal time, some family time and also makes clean up easier because you don’t have to walk the entire house hunting down the dishes needing to be washed.
  5. Determine if showers/baths are at night before bed or in the morning… most households with children will want the baths to be set at night, it’s just less to deal with in the morning.
  6. Determine your cleaning days, errand days, wash days, desk days/bill paying & free days. (This may take a while if you are starting the set up of a new household or are taming the unruliness of a cluttered home)
  7. Require every member of the house to help… husband and children!!  Yes!  All of them.  You can’t do everything… some things your husband must do just because brute force and physical strength are needed and because you need him to also lead as an example for the children.  In everyday simple tasks, require each member of your home to take care of their personal possessions.  Dirty laundry is always in the basket, electronics and toys are put away after use, the bathroom is neat and presentable after each use, dishes are placed in the dishwasher when empty, not on the sink or counter.  As children get older, assign tasks that they can accomplish; making their own bed, taking out the trash, yard work, etc. You are not creating slaves here, you are teaching your children the moral and ethical values of maintaining a clean home and taking pride in your home.

These are just some examples of the rules you might create for your home.  The goal here is to create rules that help maintain your home and the harmony within your home.  If you have no help, you will soon begrudge the daily tasks of being a homemaker.  Even people who work outside the home have help with their daily tasks.