The Easiest Menu Plan Ever!

I will admit… I am the laziest meal planner ever! I detest meal planning. I’d rather scrub toilets at a construction site. So when I had this Eureka! moment, my meal planning life changed forever. Enter THE EASIEST MENU PLAN EVER!

This was so simple, I have no idea why I didn’t think of it before.

How to menu plan once and forget about it!

  1. Write down all the favorites meals that EVERY member of your family likes… hopefully you will more than 3. I have 58 on my list and need to add more we have discovered.
  2. Sort them as fish, chicken, beef, pork or soup (you can add more categories if you like, but this is simplest and covers most everything)
  3. Pull out your recipes for these dishes. Make a list of ingredients you will need for each recipe. Adjust quantities as needed for each item. This is now your ‘shopping list’
  4. Go grocery shopping and buy as much as you can afford to build up your stock. It took me a few months and a few trips to the store to get a decently stocked pantry and freezer for my family’s favorite meals.
  5. Every two or three months revise your menu as you find new recipes your family loves

Daily Use of The Easiest Menu Plan Ever

  1. Once you have your menu completed print a couple copies of your menu plan and shopping list.
  2. Post a menu plan on the fridge in the kitchen.
  3. Pick something to cook for dinner.
  4. Once you have cooked that meal, write the date beside it and the highlight the meal. Highlighting the meal is just a colored visual cue that this meal has been cooked and ingredients have been used.
  5. Update your shopping list

Wait for tomorrow to roll around and do it again.

Relax & Stop stressing about dinner

Hopefully, this menu plan will help ease the stress of ‘what’s for dinner?’ We housewives have enough on our plates, so to speak, without wondering and worrying how we are going to feed the hungry beasts that roll through the front door every evening.

So relax… have a glass of wine BEFORE dinner because all bets are off as soon as the front door flies open.

Download my EASIEST MENU PLAN EVER and modify to fit your family’s needs.

This file is a MS Word doc.

WhatsForDinner – Sorted

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